Fun-A-Day DC here comes fun!

Fun-A-Day DC
Great! What should I do for FUN-A-DAY?

write in a journal,


write 30-second songs about your friends,

work on your arduino,

add a layer to a screen print,

make up new constellations,

make a short animation,

knit a bit,

learn a new rope knot,

practice an instrument,

work on a quilt,

make a tiny sculpture,

draw a picture,

cast a ceramic cup,

make the bed,

take a photograph,

make up a word,

make a gif,

sing a song,

have a solo dance party,

letterpress a word,

draw your friends,

eat pancakes,

write a letter,

bake a cake,

write a short story,

make costumes for your new baby,

make outfits for your old dog,

do yoga,


go on a walk,

write a poem,

add a new move to sweet dance routine…


Take from these suggestions or come up with your own!  Share your creative idea and let us know what you’re up to here!

Looking for more inspiration?  Check out these other Fun-A-Day projects from years past: Pittsburgh 2016 or Boston 2016


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