Fun-A-Day DC here comes fun!

Fun-A-Day DC
Just what is Fun-A-Day?

Fun-a-Day starts January 1st! Here’s the idea: Pick a project or activity, do it every day(ish) in January. Show or describe your work in the Fun-A-Day Showcase in February if you’d like! It’s about starting the year off on a positive, creative note. It’s about growing something beautiful in the dead of winter. Everyone is […]

Great! What should I do for FUN-A-DAY?

work on your arduino, add a layer to a screen print, make up new constellations, make a short animation, knit a bit, go on a hike, turn a desk phone into a meowing machine, write poetry, make a zine, embroider, identify and draw a different human muscle, make gummy worms, alter a book, fold origami, […]