Fun-A-Day DC here comes fun!

Fun-A-Day DC
Showcase Logistics (when, where, what, how)

WHEN: February 2021

WHERE: Rhizome DC! 6950 Maple St NW, WDC 20012 & ONLINE.

WHAT: Show all, or only some, or even just one piece of the work you’ve created in January for Fun-A-Day DC!

HOW: Welp, we are going to do it a little differently this year. We are still going to display your work at Rhizome, but instead of an in-person Showcase opening, we are going to create a 3D tour of so that you can view everyone’s work from home. Please join us to celebrate creativity, productivity, and community in the new year! We encourage participants to show one or all of their work. If you participated in Fun-A-Day DC 2021, let us know sometime in January or the first week of February if you think you’d like to show your work at the Showcase in mid February. If you do not want to show your work OR you didn’t get to participate in Fun-A-Day 2021, THAT’S COOL!   Come take the 3D tour anyway! 

Drop-off: Any digital work can be emailed to us, or you can email a link to a Google drive folder.
All physical work must be dropped off at Rhizome DC or The Rumbleplex.
Wednesday Feb 3rd from 1:30-3:30pm at Rhizome DC: 6950 Maple St NW WDC
Thursday Feb 4th from 8am-4pm at The Rumbleplex: Email us for location address.
Friday Feb 5th from 8am-8pm at The Rumbleplex: Email us for location address.

Pick-up: You can pick your project up from the Rumbleplex Thursday Feb 11th anytime, or you can give your PayPal/Venmo info & your mailing address when you drop off your project and it will be mailed it via USPS.

2D & 3D work: During the above mentioned times, drop off all or some of what you’ve done for Fun-A-Day, ready-to-display or ready-to-hang.  There will be space to display your work on table surfaces, display tables, and wall space to hang work.

Oral & Aural work: If you would like to read, sing, perform, or play what you’ve done for Fun-A-Day, that’s excellent!  You can email us a video or audio clip, and we will display it on the digital tour of the Showcase. If you have a physical object (like a radio or amp or stuffed animal or etc.) that you would like folks to “click” on during the 3D tour in order to see your work, you can drop it off at the times/locations listed above.

Lastly, a huge thanks again to our previous hosts Rhizome DCPyramid Atlantic Art Center, Anacostia Trails Heritage Area (ATHA), Petworth Public Library, and Qualia Coffee for offering their beautiful space for our previous Showcases!  Literally, Fun-A-Day D.C. would not be possible without them.  Thanks, yo!

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